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Helen is joining Snake Davis for a live stream from the studio at the bottom of his garden on Sunday night at 7 o'clock.  Together again!

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Helen Watson is a unique performer whose versatile voice and idiosyncratic songs blur the boundaries between blues, soul, jazz and folk. Throughout her long and varied career she's collaborated with some of the best musicians in the business - Albert Lee, Little Feat, the Eagles' Bernie Leadon, Andy Fairweather Low - toured with the legendary Joe Cocker, sung with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt.

Helen's albums have always been warmly received - especially the Fledg'ling label trilogy of 'Somersault', 'Doffing' and 'Lifesize' but she's a singer who is at her best in front of an audience where her natural warmth, sense of humour and vocal virtuosity combine to produce her trademark powerhouse performances.

For the last 12 years she's been touring with legendary sax player Snake Davis and Dave Bowie Jr on double bass in Burden of Paradise.

In late 2008 she teamed up with Mark Creswell to produce 'Headrest', her first new album in six years. It features many genres including blues, ballads, dance, rock, country and more. Since then Mark and Helen have made 'Fiver' in 2012 comprising five original songs followed by 'Tarpaulin' featuring Helen, Mark and Dave Bowie Jr, 11 songs that have been in the live set for some time but never before recorded. The songs may, or may not, be familiar but in an industry that's increasingly geared towards producing the next 'just-add-water' pop star is yet another reminder that the remarkable Helen Watson is one of a kind.

Helen is also connected to two other projects: Manchester based acapella vocal group 'The Love Notes' and noteably Daphne's Flight long time friends and musical associates including Chris While, Julie Matthews, Christine Collister and Melanie Harrold. Daphne's Flight who will be out on tour next May with their brand new album, On Arrival.